NYC Environmental Gentrification After Bloomberg 

I collaborated with a team at the Office of Community Studies at Queens College to research and collect data on the relationship between rezoning and brownfield cleanups (2008-2015) and the creation of new green spaces (parks/public spaces), including those created through public/private partnerships in New York City (2002 – the beginning of the Bloomberg administration – and 2015).

As a research assisant, I was tasked with correlating findings with relevant demographic information – (i.e changes in area racial composition, average rent, average property value and average median income).

Research included:
- Total number of projects (or number of green spaces and brownfield cleanups created)
- Amount of new green space created (by acre)
- Amount of new space created through brownfield cleanup and description of its new, intended use
- How many and which of those projects required rezoning
- What those zoning changes were - i.e. from industrial to mixed use